Crime locations obtained via the ukpolice R package:, which uses the data made available through the uk crime API:<>. This data contains public sector information licensed under the Open Government Licence v3.0:



A data frame with variables: category, persistent_id, date, lat, long, street_id, street_name, context, id, location_type, location_subtype, and outcome_status. '

  • category: Category of the crime (

  • persistent_id: 64-character unique identifier for that crime. (This is different to the existing 'id' attribute, which is not guaranteed to always stay the same for each crime.)

  • date: Date of the crime YYYY-MM

  • latitude: Latitude

  • longitude: Longitude

  • street_id: Unique identifier for the street

  • street_name: Name of the location. This is only an approximation of where the crime happened

  • context: Extra information about the crime (if applicable)

  • id: ID of the crime. This ID only relates to the API, it is NOT a police identifier

  • location_type: The type of the location. Either Force or BTP: Force indicates a normal police force location; BTP indicates a British Transport Police location. BTP locations fall within normal police force boundaries.

  • location_subtype: For BTP locations, the type of location at which this crime was recorded.

  • outcome_status: The category and date of the latest recorded outcome for the crime


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